Investigation Continues in October Canfield Crash that Killed One

- Joseph Condeni

In late October, Canfield Township was the scene of a fatal auto wreck between two vehicles. Police have determined that a female driver in a Chevy Cobalt collided head-on with a Honda Accord, but they are continuing to gather information surrounding the cause of the crash. The incident claimed the life of the Chevy’s female driver. 

According to area police, the Chevy Cobalt caught fire after the collision with the Honda. Nearby workers tried to pull the unconscious female driver to safety before the vehicle exploded into a fireball, but were unsuccessful. The Cobalt’s passenger, a male, was pulled to safety, and the driver of the Honda sustained minor injuries.

Area residents claim the stretch of roadway is an increasingly dangerous one, estimating that the site has seen roughly 250 accidents in the last 22 years. Although there are signs warning drivers of dangerous curves and urging them to slow down, the site continues to see a number of severe accidents.

Do You Have an Auto Accident Claim?

Auto accidents are increasingly common in the world we live in. Between densely populated roadways and a growing number of distractions behind the wheel, there are a number of risks present to drivers on the country’s roadways.

If you have sustained a personal injury as a result of an auto accident, it is important that you consult with a personal injury attorney. Although you may believe you can handle securing a settlement on your own, an attorney can help ensure that your rights and liberties are protected, across a number of areas.

A personal injury attorney can assist with:

  • Organizing and presenting evidence to prove liability and damages
  • Communicating with the other driver’s insurance provider
  • Obtaining the necessary evidence to prove liability 
  • Organizing medical bills and records
  • Communicating with your personal healthcare providers 
  • Working with doctors to gather medical information to prove liability and damages
  • Negotiating a fair and satisfactory settlement

While small cases, or those that don’t involve injury or long-term disability, don’t typically require legal representation, it is always best to weigh and understand your options before moving forward. In Cleveland, Ohio, our personal injury attorneys can review your claim and recommend the best course of action, based on the damage caused in your situation.

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