Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

In Ohio, the workers’ compensation system is governed by various laws and rules typically found in the state’s Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code, and in policy guidelines and rules of the Industrial Commission of Ohio. Other sources of workers’ compensation rules are found in court decisions when legal issues are disputed and decided in an Ohio court.

If an individual approaches Condeni Law, LLC with a workers’ compensation claim, our firm can help by applying our knowledge of all of the laws, statutes, guidelines, administrative codes, and the controlling court decisions pertaining to the workers’ compensation system in Ohio.

Effect of Failure to Report Illness or Injury Immediately

An injured person can file a workers’ compensation claim up to two years following their injury, or from becoming aware of an illness that may have developed due to their work with an employer.

While a workers’ compensation claim has a two-year statute of limitations, our firm strongly encourages anyone who is injured at work to promptly notify their employer of the claim, to ensure that their employer is aware of the exact method of injury and the nature of their injuries and damages right from the beginning.

When getting initial medical treatment, whether at an emergency room on the day of the injury, or at the doctor’s office on the next day, it is absolutely important to describe the accident to the medical provider and inform the provider as well that the injury did in fact occur at work.

Ensuring that medical records accurately reflect that the injury did occur at work and was related to the injured person’s job can significantly affect the outcome of a contested workers’ compensation claim that is appealed to the Ohio Industrial Commission for a hearing.

Permanent Disability Due to Injury Sustained at Work

When a doctor finds that an injured person can no longer work in any capacity as a result of a work-related injury, the injured party may be entitled to benefits for permanent total disability under the Ohio workers’ compensation system. The permanent total disability benefit is a lifetime award for the injured individual.

Our firm serves as a voice for the injured, whose claim for serious injuries involves many steps, such as coordination with medical providers, and gathering multiple medical reports and opinions from doctors and other medical providers. Specific rules must be strictly followed in order to obtain the lifetime benefit of permanent total disability.

At Condeni Law, LLC, we can help the client along that path of claiming Ohio workers’ compensation benefits and ensure that everything is done to secure that lifetime award.

When a Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied

A claim may not be allowed or may be denied for any issue – such as a medical treatment or other specific issue after the claim is allowed. Any denial in Ohio workers’ compensation may be appealed, but the appeal periods are very short. If your claim is denied, it’s important to immediately contact an attorney in order to preserve your claim.

When Company Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Refuses to Pay Medical Bills

In Ohio, an employer who does not provide workers’ compensation coverage is considered a non-complying employer. The injured worker in this situation has a choice of filing a lawsuit in court against the non-complying employer or electing to take part in the workers’ compensation system.

Importance of Legal Professional in Workers’ Compensation Claim or Denial

Seeking the advice of an attorney who handles workers’ compensation is essential for any injured worker. With so many laws and rules governing our Ohio workers’ compensation system, having someone on your side who understands this system and is there to help you is of paramount importance.

An attorney can represent you at any hearing that may arise, and will know which benefits and claims are available under your situation. Without an experienced attorney, an injured worker will not have any idea about their legal rights and options, much less know how to pursue their rights and claims for their benefit.

The lawyers at Condeni Law, LLC know and understand the complex structure of the Ohio Workers’ Compensation system and can help the injured worker obtain every available benefit in their situation.

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