Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

What to Do Right after a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, your medical recovery is most important. After the accident, seek the best and appropriate medical care that you can.

After you have been checked and treated, the next important step is to obtain and preserve evidence of the crash. It is important to preserve the motorcycle, which may provide good indicators of how the motorcycle collision occurred.

Take photographs of the accident scene, obtain witness statements, and speak to the police regarding what they believe happened.

Our firm’s representatives can go out to the scene of the crash to help determine what happened. We also have relationships with accident reconstruction experts whose familiarity with motorcycle collisions is especially helpful when defendant drivers blame the motorcycle operator for the accident. An accident reconstruction expert can analyze the hard evidence and make a determination as to what truly caused the collision between the motorcycle and another motor vehicle.

Bias against Motorcycle Operators in an Accident

In our experience, juries and insurance carriers tend to find fault or seek to lay blame with motorcycle drivers who are involved in accidents. At Condeni Law, LLC, our job is to establish that the motorcycle operator was operating within the law and was not at fault, or did not contribute to the accident. Our firm has been successful in persuading insurance carriers, defense attorneys and judges that, in fact, the motorcycle operator was not at fault and that the other party, or the other motor vehicle operator, was at fault.

Importance of Consulting an Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident

Claiming compensation for a motorcycle accident can be a challenge if it involves very serious or catastrophic injuries. In many situations, the victim is unable to gather evidence, preserve evidence, obtain witness statements, investigate the accident, or bring in accident reconstruction experts to determine how the collision actually occurred. A motorcycle accident attorney can best represent the injured party and do all that is necessary to prepare a case and present it to an insurance carrier for settlement, or if necessary, to a jury for the case to be tried.

Representing Motorcycle Accident Clients

At Condeni Law, LLC, we help clients by guiding them through the process from the outset, by ensuring that the client is getting necessary and appropriate medical care to presenting the claim to the insurance carrier in a persuasive manner.

If settlement cannot be obtained, we help clients by preparing the case for trial and guiding the client through the litigation process, while working to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement or jury verdict that our client deserves.

Our goal is to take away the anxiety, confusion and fear that comes with trying to negotiate or work with an insurance carrier so that the client can focus on what’s most important — their medical recovery.

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