Construction Accident Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

Accidents can happen on construction sites, whether on small residential projects or large commercial developments

Anyone working, visiting, inspecting, or staying on the premises of a construction project may be injured when:

  • A brick, building material, or piece of equipment falls and hits an individual
  • One walks or steps into an open construction site defect in the ground
  • A piece of equipment from the construction site causes injury to an individual

A construction-site accident can involve a construction worker or a person visiting the site such as a delivery person, inspector, or anyone invited to the premises. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a claim for compensation may be pursued against the general contractor, third-party contractor or subcontractor, property owners, or equipment manufacturers.

Types of Construction-Site Accident Injuries

Construction workers can suffer injury as a result of:

  • Falls from scaffolding, cranes, roofs, ladders, and other heights at work
  • Falling objects such as tools, equipment, or materials
  • Equipment failures
  • Collapsing walls, structures, and trenches
  • Fires and explosions from flammable chemicals, exposed electrical wires, and leaking or damaged gas pipes
  • Being hit or run over by trucks or other moving equipment

They may suffer broken bones, burns, loss of a limb, eye injuries, and catastrophic injuries such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, and/or death. A hit in the head from a fall, falling object, or a moving piece of equipment can as well lead to traumatic brain injuries.

Importance of a construction-site accident lawyer


Focus on Healing and Recovery

Construction site accidents are more complex than many other personal injury claims. An accident on-site can involve workers and persons from different companies or entities, leading to different types of claims – such as a personal injury claims against the employer of the negligent worker, and a Workers’ Compensation claim against the claimant’s own employer.

Identifying the cause of the injury, and the people or entities responsible, are important first steps in an investigation, which must commence at the earliest opportunity following the accident. A personal injury attorney can take care of investigating the accident, allowing the injured person to focus on their recovery.

Preservation of Evidence

A construction accident attorney can record the names of witnesses, obtain statements, identify potential at-fault parties, and preserve evidence. At Condeni Law, LLC, we secure evidence by delivering a Preservation of Evidence notice to each known contractor, requiring them not to destroy, alter, or remove evidence.

Obtaining Expert Opinion

In a severe injury case, OSHA will conduct their own investigation, but more work is necessary to establish the cause of injury and determine fault. An attorney with experience in construction-site injuries can hire experts who are familiar with such accidents and can examine the scene of the accident, help determine the cause of the injury, and identify those responsible for it.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

A complex claim against a general contractor and subcontractors can involve negotiations with multiple insurance companies covering each party potentially at fault and denying liability. An injured worker needs an experienced construction accident attorney who knows how to deal with insurance carriers and their defense attorneys.

Choosing Condeni Law, LLC for Construction-Site Accident

Our firm has more than 32 years of combined personal injury experience, helping clients obtain a fair settlement under the circumstances. We have a strong understanding of how OSHA works, the laws governing construction sites and construction-site injuries, and the Workers Compensation program.

We also provide personal attention to clients from the first meeting through to the completion of their case. Clients work directly with the attorney assigned to their case. For larger or more complex claims, we assign two attorneys to work with the client.

Condeni Law has access to high-quality and well-respected experts in the construction field to help in the investigation and clearly establish our clients’ claims.

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